Encaustic Art Paint Set Changes November 15 2017, 0 Comments

Check out the new colour combinations from

Encaustic Art- The Original!

Along with the new branding and packaging, the contents of the sets have changed. There are still the same original 48 waxes, but the combinations have been refreshed. Please note, due to the size of the new boxes we are no longer able to $5 ship on single box orders.

Landscape is still Landscape,

but the contents have changed

Landscape: Crimson#01, Orange #03, Lemon #05, Green #07, Blue #09, Red Violet #12,Rust Brown #13, Yellow Brown #14, White #16, White #16, Grey #17, Cobalt Blue #19, Umbra #22, Olive Green #23, Pink #24, Clear Wax Medium #27

*NEW*Landscape: Crimson #01, Golden Orange #04, Lemon #05, Leaf Green #06, Green #07, Olive Green #23, Pastel Blue #31, Prussian Blue #18, Indigo #47, Pink #24, Red Violet #12, Yellow Brown #14, Rust Brown #13, Black #15, White #16, White #16

The Fantasy Set is now the Fantasia Set

Fantasy: Vermillion #02, Golden Yellow #04, Leaf Green #06, Blue Green #08, Blue Green #08, Ultra Marine Blue #10, Blue Violet #11, Red Violet #12, Red Violet #12, Red Violet #12, Black #15, White #16, Prussian Blue #18, Yellow Ochre #20, Venetian Red #21, Gold #25, Silver #26


*NEW*Fantasia: Magenta #42, Bright Red #43, Mid Yellow #44, Neon Yellow #39, Blue Green #08, Sap Green #45, Prussian Blue #18, Indigo #47, Neon Pink #37, Red Violet #12, Purple #48, Silver #26, Gold #25, #28, Black #15, Pearlescent #29

The Starter set is now the Basic Set

Starter: Crimson #01, Golden Yellow #04, Leaf Green #06, Blue Green #08, Ultra MarineBlue #10, Red Violet #12, Rust Brown #13, Yellow Brown #14, Black #15, White #16, Prussian Blue #18, Olive Green #23, Pink #24, Gold #25, Silver #26, Clear Wax Medium #27

*NEW*Basic: Crimson #01, Orange #03, Middle Yellow #44, Leaf Green #06, Olive Green #23, Blue Green #08, Pastel Blue #31, Ultra Marine Blue #10, Cyan Blue #46, Pink #24, Red Violet #12, Purple #48, Rust Brown #13, Black #15, Clear Medium #27, White #16

Check them out by clicking here...

Enkaustikos: Lora Murphy Paint Set November 08 2017, 0 Comments

The Enkaustikos team has worked closely with internationally recognized artist Lora Murphy to develop this wonderful new line of portrait colors. They call them the Micro Series because they are made with microcrystalline wax along with U.S. pharmaceutical grade beeswax, damar resin, and lightfast pigments.

The addition of microcrystalline wax enhances the wonderful translucency of beeswax and aids in flexibility of the paint providing more open time with brush application, making them ideal for portraiture work. Lora’s 19 color selection is complete for all skin tones, including additional Microblend Medium for imparting extra translucency.

The first batch has sold out and a second set has been ordered and will be on its way shortly.


Limited stock. Click here for product page...

November Encaustic Paintings Classes October 20 2017, 0 Comments

Here are the dates and links for the final classes for 2017:

Exploring Encaustic Stencils & Texture

Exploring Encaustic Workshop:

Stencils & Texture @ the Shatford



Cloth Paper Scissor with $100 purchase September 20 2017, 0 Comments

Everyone is so excited for the encaustic edition of

Cloth Paper Scissor magazine!

Cloth Paper Scissors September October 2017 Encaustic

This issues features tips and techniques from Cathy Nichols, Julie Snidle, Talliesen, and Mary Beth Shaw! I love the cover painting by Cathy. It is so very sweet. 

I have five copies to give away for the next 5 orders of $100* or more.  No coupon code necessary. Order soon as these will go fast.

(*before tax & shipping)

New Workshop: Handmade Paper & Encaustic (New Dates) August 22 2017, 1 Comment

Let's Make Handmade Paper & Paint with Wax with Alice & Bethany!

Handfield Encaustic on Paper collage
In this fun workshop we will go over all of the basics of using the encaustic iron on handmade paper. This class is a chance to relax, made beautiful paper, and create a lovely painting.
Handmade Paper
Day One: Alice of Harmonay Paper teaches the group to create handmade paper using recycled and natural materials. We will use the paper created to make substrates for our encaustic paintings, art cards, and more!
Handfield Happy House Encaustic
Day Two: Bethany teaches the group how to add encaustic to our paper items from day one.

Suitable for all levels, no prior painting experience needed. All supplies provided + tea, coffee & treats.

When: Saturday & Sunday, November 11 & 12, 2017

Where: Leir House Cultural Centre, 220 Manor Park Ave, Penticton, BC

Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm

Fee: $150 (includes all supplies)

What to bring: Snack for lunch and comfortable painting clothes. On day one you may get wet ;)

Max 6 students.

Exploring Encaustic: Intro to Iron at Bead Trails Experience August 14 2017, 0 Comments

Exploring Encaustic Iron at Bead Trails
What a lovely way to spend a Sunday - painting at the Bead Trails Experience!!!
Everyone had a blast learning how to paint with the encaustic iron. So many adorable paintings were made.
If you are curious about painting with wax, please join me for any of these upcoming classes:
Shatford Centre / Okanagan School of the Arts
Penticton Arts Council / Leir House Cultural Centre
September 24 & 25: Handmade Paper & Encaustic
The Bead Trails Experience
November 26th: Holiday Cards

Irons & Starter Sets are on their way August 03 2017, 0 Comments

Hey Everyone

The irons and starter sets are on their way and should be here next week. A4 paper is back in stock too :)

Exploring Encaustic Starter Set

Exploring Encaustic classes at the Shatford Centre / Okanagan School of the Arts August 01 2017, 0 Comments


Learn to paint with beeswax in the beautiful South Okanagan. Encaustic is method of painting where pigmented beeswax is applied to a substrate using a heat source. Through the Exploring Encaustic series of art classes Bethany guides students on their creative journey with a focus on safety and fun. Having worked with encaustic for 10+ years students can be confident in her instruction and will gain a solid foundation in this medium. 


August 26 & 27: Exploring Encaustic - Intro to the Hotplate (3 spots left)

Learn to paint with encaustic using a hotplate as your palette. In this two day workshop you will learn the basics of getting started with encaustic when painting on wood panel. 

Class Fee: $200 (includes $50 supply fee + GST)

Class times: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day with 45 min for lunch

 Busy City Collage

* Requires basic encaustic painting experience. Contact Bethany if you have any questions.

September 9*: Exploring Encaustic  - Stencils & Texture

Learn to use stencils and other materials to create texture and visual interest to your encaustic paintings. 

Class Fee: $100 (includes $25 supply fee + GST)

Class times: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm  with 45 min for lunch


September 10*: Exploring Encaustic - I Love Metallics

Learn to work with a variety of media to bring sparkle and shine to your encaustic paintings. 

Class Fee: $100 (includes $25 supply fee + GST)

Class times: 10:30 am to 3:30 pm  with 45 min for lunch


Class fees include all materials and equipment used in class. Max 8 students per class. 

Bursaries available for students living in the South Okana

BUSY CITIES FOUND July 30 2017, 0 Comments

I was very excited to find original photos from my Busy City series from series from 2011. The copies I had been working with were shot in terrible light and had a real yellow cast to them. It was great to find the bright and cheerful original files.


Looking back on this much loved series, I also had the chance to reflect on how far I have come working with encaustic and can see all that I would do differently now. With this in mind, I am am looking forward to revisiting this series with fresh new works - to incorporate my acquired skills, techniques, and media experience. 

These paintings were created before I began to really work with collaging, transfers, pigment sticks, metallics, inks, and pastels - all my current go to favourites. 

It will be exciting to see what the new cities will look like and the evolution of myself as an artist. I will be sure to post about this journey here and over at Exploring Encaustic.

Watch this space for more :D

Cathy Nichols new book is out! July 24 2017, 0 Comments


I am a huge Cathy Nichols fan and was so excited to read her new book Storytelling Art Studio.

It is delicious and I highly recommend it for your library.

Prefect for those new to art making all the way to seasoned professionals who are looking for fresh insight.