New YouTube Video March 21 2018, 0 Comments

Hey everyone!

So excited for my two new videos for the Intro to the Iron classes. These are a little sneak peek on what we will be doing in class.

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Happy Painting!

Bethany's Studio Sale! March 13 2018, 2 Comments

It's time to save...

Studio Sale
I am moving studios and do not want to pack everything with me, so I have some extra savings for you.

  1. Email me the item(s) you are interested in. 
  2. Due to the shipping weight of these items and the sale price I will send out invoices with the actual shipping charges from Canada Post.
  3. Payment can be made through e-transfer or PayPal.
  4. Coupons not valid on these purchases.

The following items are not available in the shop.
First come, first serve - no holds.

Item #1 SOLD

A3 Coloured Paper

$120 for all 8 packs (Reg. $280)
Item #2
A4 Coloured Paper - SOLD

$80 for all 8 packs (Reg $200)

Item #3 - SOLD
1 lbs beeswax blocks - $10 each (Reg$15)

Item #4 SOLD
Individual boxes of wax of 1 colour (16 blocks per box)

Item #5 - SOLD
Box of demo boards - $50


Item #6 Books & DVDs

New Books

Embracing Encaustic by Linda Robertson (signed) - $40

New DVDs

Encaustic Monotypes by Paula Roland - $30

Advanced Mixed Media Techniques by MIchelle Belto - $20

Used Books

Embracing Encaustic by Linda Robertson (signed) - $30

Wonder Ways with Wax by Jann Visser - $15

The Art of Encaustic Painting by Joanne Mattera - $15

Encaustic Project Book by Michael Bosson - $10 (2 copies available)

Encaustic by Christel Krones (in German) - $10

Used DVDs

Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility + Encaustic & Paper by Daniella Woolf (2 DVDs) - $30

Basic Mixed Media Techniques by Michelle Belto - $15

Wax Twist by Cari Hernandez - $20

Encaustic Collage Workshop by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch - $10

Framing, Matting & Hanging - $5

Authentic Visual Voices by Catherine Nash - $15

Heat Up Your Art! by Enkaustikos - $10

Art Stamping by Gloria Page - $15


Item #7 Winsor & Newton Oil Bars

Colourless  - $5

Raw Umber - $5

Burnt Umber - $5

Cadmium Orange - $10

Permanent Light Green - $10


More items to come as I pack up my studio ;)

Email me if you have any questions.
All the best & Happy Painting

Encaustic + Mixed Media Workshops March 07 2018, 0 Comments

Hey Everyone

I have a great selection of encaustic + mixed media workshops coming up at Little Long Studios (Penticton)  & Bead Trails (Summerland).

Hope to see you at one or more of them ;)


February Special: Valentine's gift with purchase February 08 2018, 0 Comments

Valentine's Wax Set Gift with Purchase

From now until the end of the month:

All orders over $50 will receive a Valentine's 4 piece wax set (Crimson, Pink, Pearlescent & Neon Pink)

All orders under $50 will receive a Valentine's 2 piece wax set (Gold & Pink)

No coupon code needed :)



Whimsy Peaks at the Rotary Centre for the Arts January 21 2018, 0 Comments


I was thrilled to be invited by Heather Yip to join her in a dual exhibition at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna, BC. 

Heather and I both like to play on the edges and in the land of whimsy so it was a match made in heaven. We met during an art retreat at Wells, BC - the

I hope this is first of many collaborations with this wonderful woman.


Start: January 3 @ 8:00 am 

End: March 30 @ 8:00 pm

Phone: 250-717-5304



Rotary Centre for the Arts

421 Cawston Avenue 
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6Z1 Canada + Google Map


Daniella Woolf & Maiwa School of Textiles January 21 2018, 0 Comments

I was thrilled to participate in two classes with encaustic legend Daniella Woolf last fall at the Maiwa School of Textiles in Vancouver, BC. My attendance at both classes was made possible by a grant from the Thea Haubrich Legacy Fund (which is administered by the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan). 

To say I was thrilled would be a huge understatement. Daniella was an artist I had followed for years through her books and videos. I had been captivated by the boundaries she pushed both personally and in physical space with her work. Limitless repetitions created with a seemingly simplistic grace, but complex in meaning and scope, and all done with great panache. Her installation work was a revelation to me about how far you could go with encaustic off of the panel and paper.  


During the Encaustic Minimalist, a three-day gentle intro to encaustic, we focused on using the Waxmelter Palette, painting on 6x6 wood panels, and using delicious R&F paints. The Maiwa East studio in Vancouver was a delight – spacious and welcoming. We even got to fuse with Iwatani torches. I was able to let go, relax into process, and become fully present with my creations.  

It was in this class that I found myself drawn to the symbol of the triangle. Often associated with the Trinity, the triangle to me denotes a journey with the past, present moment, and future possibility. I feel it is a very active symbol. In my paintings the triangles were pointing up to denote strength and rootedness.  


During RUSTEA, the final two-day class, we explored using rust and tea as mediums with encaustic. We rusted through stencils on paper, rusted fabric for embedding into paintings, and painted on paper with various steeped teas. We then introduced encaustic to this mix for very cool results.  

Daniella was an extremely funny and gracious teacher with a wealth of knowledge.I would be remiss if I did not mention Jane Kenyon who assisted Daniella and all of the students over the 5 days. What a huge job. Jane is an amazing artist in her own right too. If you get the opportunity to take a class with Daniella, Jane, or at Maiwa I would wholeheartedly recommend all. 

Whimsy Peaks Collage.jpg

I would like to thank the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan for making this dream trip possible with their assistance. The resulting painting series that bloomed from the seeds planted in this course became "Whimsy Peaks" and is now on display at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna, BC. This series is presented as a dual show with Salmon Arm artist Heather Yip.  

Have a Bee-utiful day! January 12 2018, 0 Comments

Exploring Encaustic Gift Certificates December 19 2017, 0 Comments

Treat the artist in your life with an Exploring Encaustic gift certificate!
Order the gift certificate and I will send you a code that can be redeemed online or in person.
Gift certificates can be used towards classes, art supplies, and art work. 

Bethany demoing at Opus Saturday, December 16th December 13 2017, 0 Comments


Intro to Exploring Whimsical Encaustic (Free Demo)

Location: Opus Kelowna
Sat, December 16, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Sat, December 16, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Create fun, abstract encaustic paintings with ease!

I will be demonstrating how to quickly and easily use encaustic to create whimsical paintings.

I will be working on 1-2 panels to show you how to prep your panel, lay down encaustic, fuse the layers, plus how to use other media such as oil paint and PanPastel with encaustic.

Space is limited and registration is required.
Please visit Opus Kelowna or contact them at 250‑763‑3616 or toll free 1‑800‑814‑8885 to register. 

Encaustic Art Paint Set Changes November 15 2017, 0 Comments

Check out the new colour combinations from

Encaustic Art- The Original!

Along with the new branding and packaging, the contents of the sets have changed. There are still the same original 48 waxes, but the combinations have been refreshed. Please note, due to the size of the new boxes we are no longer able to $5 ship on single box orders.

Landscape is still Landscape,

but the contents have changed

Landscape: Crimson#01, Orange #03, Lemon #05, Green #07, Blue #09, Red Violet #12,Rust Brown #13, Yellow Brown #14, White #16, White #16, Grey #17, Cobalt Blue #19, Umbra #22, Olive Green #23, Pink #24, Clear Wax Medium #27

*NEW*Landscape: Crimson #01, Golden Orange #04, Lemon #05, Leaf Green #06, Green #07, Olive Green #23, Pastel Blue #31, Prussian Blue #18, Indigo #47, Pink #24, Red Violet #12, Yellow Brown #14, Rust Brown #13, Black #15, White #16, White #16

The Fantasy Set is now the Fantasia Set

Fantasy: Vermillion #02, Golden Yellow #04, Leaf Green #06, Blue Green #08, Blue Green #08, Ultra Marine Blue #10, Blue Violet #11, Red Violet #12, Red Violet #12, Red Violet #12, Black #15, White #16, Prussian Blue #18, Yellow Ochre #20, Venetian Red #21, Gold #25, Silver #26


*NEW*Fantasia: Magenta #42, Bright Red #43, Mid Yellow #44, Neon Yellow #39, Blue Green #08, Sap Green #45, Prussian Blue #18, Indigo #47, Neon Pink #37, Red Violet #12, Purple #48, Silver #26, Gold #25, #28, Black #15, Pearlescent #29

The Starter set is now the Basic Set

Starter: Crimson #01, Golden Yellow #04, Leaf Green #06, Blue Green #08, Ultra MarineBlue #10, Red Violet #12, Rust Brown #13, Yellow Brown #14, Black #15, White #16, Prussian Blue #18, Olive Green #23, Pink #24, Gold #25, Silver #26, Clear Wax Medium #27

*NEW*Basic: Crimson #01, Orange #03, Middle Yellow #44, Leaf Green #06, Olive Green #23, Blue Green #08, Pastel Blue #31, Ultra Marine Blue #10, Cyan Blue #46, Pink #24, Red Violet #12, Purple #48, Rust Brown #13, Black #15, Clear Medium #27, White #16

Check them out by clicking here...