Pre-Order + Bonus information about Painting Irons & Get Started Kits - Offer Ends midnight on Jan 31st November 04 2014, 0 Comments


As our parent company is currently in the process of changing manufacturers for the painting iron, all production on the current line has stopped. This means that there will be a gap in stock shipment for the painting iron & the Get Started Kits. The new stock for the iron & Get Started Kits will not be ready for shipping until February 2015.

All orders for the encaustic painting iron or Get Started Kit placed between this date and January 31, 2015 will receive a free Large Art Set at no extra cost to compensate for the later shipping date. This is our thank you to our customers for pre-ordering the iron while we are undergoing this change. The iron and the Large Art set will both be shipped when the irons are ready in February of 2015. 

At this time, you will receive a certificate from Encaustic Supply Canada stating that one encaustic painting iron and one Large Art Set will be shipped to you in February 2015. 

The iron and Large Art Set will be shipped together when the irons are manufactured in February 2015. The bonus Large Art Set cannot be shipped separately from the iron or Get Started Kit.

If this purchase is a gift:

  • Please email us with the correct shipping address for the gift certificate
  • or the shipping address for the iron/art set

Please note that unless specified, the certificate and iron/art set will be shipped to the address provided unless prior arrangements are made.

The certificate is non-redeemable and is only intended for those who are purchasing this item as a gift to give to another so there is a tangible item to give prior to the shipment of the irons. The certificate will clearly state that it is non-exchangeable for tangible goods and pre-ordered goods will only be sent to the purchaser or the gift receiver on file in February 2015.

Please note that all items placed in this pre-order will be shipped together in February 2015. If you require other items not related to this special pre-sale to be sent before February 2015, please create a separate order for those items.


Bonus gift for Pre-Order: Large Art Set- this is a $49.95 value

Set contains:

  • 40 - A6 cards
  • 20 - A5 cards
  • 10 - A4 cards
  • 24 x A5 coloured cards (4 each gold, silver, black, cream, bronze & red)
  • 1 Metal Scribe
  • 1 Quick Guide
  • 16 wax blocks 


Please contact prior to purchasing if you have any questions.