Enkaustikos: Wax Snaps Interference (Set of 5)


The Enkaustikos Interference Series* comes in Interference Blue, Interference Gold, Interference Green, Interference Red & Interference Violet.

You can use then as an embellishment to your encaustic paintings and prints for added dimensional effects. They are so highly pigmented you can also think of them as paint. Add any transparent paints to create your own custom Interference colors. 

The set comes with one each of interference blue, gold, green, red & violet.

40ml each (200ml total / 6.8oz)

*Please note these Enkaustikos products are not for use with the painting iron when painting on the glossy card stock unless thinned out with medium due to their heavy pigment load and inclusion of damar resin.

Interference Wax Medium can be used straight or, you can mix in any transparent paint to create an array of special effect colors.

From Enkaustikos:

If you are not familiar with interference colors here's a brief explanation of how they work. Regular pigments like ultramarine blue reflect light waves so a brushstroke made with ultramarine pigment will look blue. Interference pigments are transparent platelets of mica pigment covered with highly refractive metal oxides.  When light strikes the surface of these pigments it is refracted, reflected, and scattered by the layers that make up the pigment. Since they are transparent they are influenced by the colors from the surface below. Colors mixed with interference medium will change ("flip") when viewed from different angles.  Over a white or light background the color is subtle and the "flip" more obvious. Over a black or darker background the color is more obvious and the "flip" less noticeable.

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