Mystery Packs for Good

  • $60.00

Everyone loves a good mystery....

Each Mystery Pack is different, but all will help support a good cause.

There are two to choose from - Bethany or Supplies Only. Details below

$10 from each pack will support an initiative in the Okanagan. I am currently fundraising for

  • Support Our Kids (SOKS) Creative Summer Program
  • CritterAid & AlleyCats Alliance

Each "Bethany" Mystery Pack* contains: 

  • A 6x6" painting by Bethany ($60 value)
  • Multiple Surprise Items* valued at $60+
  • $5 coupon for next order. (Good until June 30th)
  • minimum $120 value

Each "Supplies Only" Mystery Pack* contains: 

  • Multiple Surprise Items* valued at $90+
  • This is an all art supplies pack

Treat yourself to a surprise and do some good at the same time!

(Paintings are randomly selected. Items in the Mystery Packs can not be returned or exchanged - it is all part of the mystery... Items may included, but are not limited to, encaustic paint, encaustic medium, book foil, stamps, DVDs, books, brushes, oil bars, pigment sticks, pastels, and more.)